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i wish i had a fun style 

like cartoony and cool 

19 2月 2013 · 11 リアクション

Tagged: evetext. some say it is some dont. idk myself. idk what i even want.

  1. orviskiのコメント: i actually kinda think it’s kinda cartoony already, and it’s pretty neat! but if you wanna make it even toonier, you could try to mix styles of cartoons you like with your own style! c:
  2. bri-grivのコメント: You do!! You’ve got a crazy cool style. Very characteristic, like I can tell that you made it. And I looove your colors and lines especially wow. :D ♥
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  4. robogreaserのコメント: but your style is so damned awesome.
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  7. thumbcrampsのコメント: same
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